The Bad Day Bat

Posted: May 02, 2014
The Bad Day Bat
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Well I know when I'm having a bad day all I want to do is smash shit up. Not surprisingly, there's a bat for that. But the Bad Day Bat serves as even more than a conduit for rage. With this bat in tow, after I smash shit up I can segue immediately into tending my battle wounds, and then seamlessly again transition to building a fort out of a trash bag and 6' of wire.

Jordan Estrada's Bad Day Bat doesn't just draw me in though alliteration and allusion to childhood favorite and the last book I read, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, it also stands (and presumably swings) on merit. The hollow aluminum bat has a paracord-wrapped handle and a hand-removable end cap that opens to reveal an emergency kit inside. If MacGyver were still at his mulleted peak, he'd be all over this niftily-housed ammo for the savvy urban warrior.

Bad Day Bat contents include:

  • 1 x folding, locking pocket knife
  • 1 x wire cutter/pliers
  • 1 x 30 gallon, heavy duty plastic bag
  • 6' of wire
  • 1 x keychain flashlight
  • 3 x alcohol swabs
  • 1 x roll of electric tape
  • 5 x zip ties
  • 2 x gauze medical pads
  • 1 x black ball point pen
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