MacGyver Toolkit

Posted: March 26, 2014
MacGyver Toolkit

What's not included in the MacGyver Toolkit? According to iFixit, nothing but the mullet. For those of you too young to remember Angus MacGyver, here is what this pocket-sized secret agent's Altoids tin will get you one step closer to becoming. Yes, that's right. Highly intelligent, mind-blowingly resourceful, and a total dreamboat. With or without a wind machine.

Now I'll grant that all it really takes to emulate MacGyver is a Swiss Army knife, a roll of duct tape, and a brilliant solution for using them to fix a piston con-rod for a water pump. But wouldn't you also kind of like to have a paperclip and a piece of bubblegum? You know, as backup? With the iFixit MacGyver Kit you'll not only have the twist of metal and hunk of Super Bubble (<--- does anyone else salivate, yet also get an achy jaw at the mere mention of this?) but also:

  • A bobby pin. For both lock-picking and mullet-securing.
  • A strike-anywhere match. And anywhere does include your chiseled jawline.
  • A rubber band. Oh, snap.
  • A birthday candle. AKA a slow-burning fuse.
  • A shoelace. For binding hands. Or pairing with Campbell's soup cans to make a telephone.
  • A 1-cent stamp. To remind us that MacGyver was on in 1885, when a penny still meant something. No wait...MacGyver was on in 1985. Must be to remind us that is 2014 the only $9.95 secret agent kit that will contain a stamp you can actually use to mail a letter is one that costs $10.44.
  • Duct tape. Just to make it official.
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