Ladder Frog - Ladder Stabilizer & Surface Protector

Posted: December 14, 2021
Ladder Frog - Ladder Stabilizer & Surface Protector
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"Go with rrrribbit!, and you'll never say you bit it!" Nah, that's not Ladder Frog's tagline...though for a small thinker upper's fee, I'd be willing to sell it to them...but it is the gist of the company's ladder stabilizing product. Ladder Frog attaches to the right and left legs of your ladder, at the point the latter is leaning against your work surface, to minimize lateral movement while in use. (Ladder, latter, lateral, heh, heh, heh.)

The increased stabilization effect both improves safety while working on a ladder, and protects the surface underneath it from scratches, dings, and other damage. Ladder Frog recommends adding their stabilizers and surface protectors when you're working on commercial and residential gutters, metal / copper roofs, aluminum exteriors, interior walls and cabinets, or anywhere else you're concerned about sliding and hurting yourself or the area you're pressed up against.

Ladder Frog sets are sized to fit the most common aluminum extension ladders, and if they don't fit yours, Ladder Frog also sells adapter straps to secure them to other models. Check them out if you're still shopping for stocking stuffers or gifts for Dad.

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