Kniper Throwing Knife & Multi-Tool

Posted: April 12, 2015
Kniper Throwing Knife & Multi-Tool
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People around here seem to love knives and multi-tools. Multi-tools in particular are, like, the new bacon. Before, for at least a year, when I posted anything about bacon clicking fingers went hog wild (see: tactical bacon, bacon condoms). But people don't oink for the bacon novelties so much anymore. Now they drink the Kool-Aid of multi-tools (see: Leatherman Tread, KeyBiner). I imagine these too will run their course in the near future, but I doubt the Kniper is going to be he first to feel the effects of a saturated market. Because while Kniper is a multi-tool it, unlike most others, is also a 13" long x 2-1/2" wide throwing knife. And even more unlike most others, part of Kniper's 22-function multi-toolness includes a built-in "tobacco" pipe. For smoking "tobacco". Take a throw, take a toke, take a throw, take a....

Hmmm, sounds like a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

Also sounds like why I want one.

Kniper was designed first and primarily as a throwing knife. It is milled from a single piece of 420 high-carbon stainless steel, with weight distribution, metal composition, and shape all contributing to the knife's smooth flight and balls-on accuracy. Some of its 22 additional capabilities include: range finder; nail remover; saw; wire stripping pry bar; fork; bottle opener; screwdriver; and ruler. At printing, Kniper was available for pre-order, with the initial production run shipping in June 2015.

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