KLAX - Lightweight Multi-Tool Axe

Posted: November 29, 2016
KLAX - Lightweight Multi-Tool Axe
$140 - $180
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Without a handle the Feller KLAX axe head serves as 7 different practical tools, including a hex wrench, hex bit driver, ruler, and bottle opener. And for anyone who likes huntin' for the best stick in the woods between setting up camp and sitting down for dinner, clamp the KLAX onto its tip to wield yourself a full-on tomahawk with a stainless steel chopping blade on one side, and a hammer head on the other.

Unlike traditional axes, the KLAX clamping system locks the head of the axe into the wood of your chosen branch, rather than expanding the wood to seize the axe (kinda difficult to do in the field anyway.) KLAX creator Klecker Knives also makes and sells manufactured KLAX handles that lock into axe mode the same way. But separating the two gives outdoorsmen the option of carrying the business end of an ax without the added weight and bulk of its handle.

Like the KLAX concept, but want something slightly smaller in size and price? Check out SURVCO's wallet-friendly credit card ax.

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