Credit Card Ax

Posted: April 09, 2015
Credit Card Ax
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I can see thinking it would be nice to have a less bulky Swiss Army Knife. One that's flat even, and fits in your wallet. In other words, I can see the birth of the credit cart multi-tool. But who carries around an ax thinking, "Dude, I really wish I could keep this thing in the slot between my driver's license and Fatburger loyalty card?" Welp, at least one guy: the creator of the SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax.

SURVCO, owned and operated by a disabled veteran, adds a few clever pieces to the tactical, survival, and prepper world, but the credit card ax is probably the company's coolest. Both in concept and in execution--check out the video to see how not-just-for-show this multi-tool can be. Made of 304, 12-gauge stainless steel, the snap-out ax has 21 different functions. Like tomahawk. Scraper. Shovel. Saw. Socket. Seatbelt Cutter. Bottle Opener. And obviously ax.

According to SURVCO, the Credit Card Ax won't corrupt other cards in your wallet and is guaranteed not to rust.

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