HOTO Cordless Power Washer

Posted: March 31, 2023
HOTO Cordless Power Washer
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With their stealth and svelte Cordless Power Washer, HOTO claims it will make me "enjoy the car washing experience." Ha! I don't even enjoy the car washing experience when someone else is doing it. Including "when someone else" is the assembly line of water, suds, scrub, and dry robots in the automatic car wash. But mostly that's because the last time I went, I got charged 19 frickin' dollars for the basic wash, and the dude pressing the start button - literally doing nothing but pressing the start button - asked me if I wanted to add a tip.

So, yeah, now I wash my car myself, by hand, in my mama's driveway. And I don't care how powerful HOTO's 14mm double-plunger pump is, or how lightweight its body is, or how many spray modes its nozzle has, I am never going to "enjoy the car washing experience." ... OK, fine. I might have fun pretending the HOTO Cordless Power Washer is a Han Solo Blaster during the wet-down and rinsing processes. But other than that, the car washing experience is still gonna suck!

For the record, the Cordless Power Washer is powerful enough to increase water pressure 2.0 MPa (about 290PSI) on its self-suction setting, and output 300L of water per hour. And the body weighs just 3.3 pounds, so it's easy to use one-handed in any of the power washer's 5 modes, all accessible simply by turning the nozzle head. No separate attachments are needed, even for Foam Mode - an incorporated 250mL translucent PET soap bottle handles that transition.

The Cordless Power Washer has a detachable battery back fitted with 5 x reinforced 2500mAh lithium battery cells. Fully charged, it will provide up to 45 minutes of continued use.

If you think HOTO's Cordless Power Washer is sexy, check out the brand's tool sets too.

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