FLUXBAG - One Breath Air Pump

Posted: March 11, 2019
$16.74 - $22.45
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While air loungers have pretty much run their course as a pop culture phenomenon, the FLUXBAG has taken the loungers' easy-inflate concept and given it a new, and probably more valuable over the long term, application: a one breath air pump.

The FLUXBAG inflates just like an air lounger, either with a shake of the wrist to collect surrounding air, or with a big, solitary huff & puff. It seals the same way too, with a roll-top and snap closure. But on the closed end of the FLUXBAG, creator HILFE Industries has installed a valve, and includes nozzles to fit a variety of inflatables. Once you attach the appropriate FLUXBAG nozzle to your raft, air mattress, or 16' pink flamingo party float, just squash it, or FLUX it, to transfer the air from one vessel to the other.

According to FLUXBAG the entire 3-step process will take seconds, far less than even an electric air pump, and a fraction of the time of a foot pump or a lip-to-valve pump.

FLUXBAGs compact down to phone-sized carry sacks for transport, and come in 2 primary designs: Fun for most leisure inflatables; and Pro for more serious outdoor uses. FLUXBAGs also double as a dry bag or pillow.

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