Swimming Pool Fountain

Posted: June 17, 2022
Swimming Pool Fountain
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Now, can I hook this Hooli Pool Fountain up to my FUNBOY? No? Then, psssh, it will not put "the FUN in multi-FUNctional," as you claim, for this dude.

Gotta get back on my mama to replace her Better Homes & Gardens backyard with a Hidden Pool.

Hooli's Swimming Pool Fountain, for those of you who own legit swimming pools, is indeed multi-functional. In addition to the waterfall visuals it offers, the streaming flow of the fountain also helps aerate and cool your pool water, as well as act as a mister for swimmers. The fountain's spray nozzle is lined with phosphors, which make it glow in the dark after charging in the sunlight, and add to the ambience the gadget provides.

The Hooli Swimming Pool Fountain comes with an inlet attachment kit that fits most 1.5" threaded in-ground (plus some above-ground) return jet fittings. Your existing pool pump provides the power.

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