FUNBOY Luxury Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Posted: April 11, 2022
FUNBOY Luxury Inflatable Kiddie Pools
$49.99 - $58.30
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FUNBOY's calling these "Luxury Inflatable Kiddie Pools" is a bit of a misnomer. Clearly, with their fresh, funky, and sophisticated designs they're Luxury Inflatable Adultie Pools. For the next summer scorcher heading your way. Or your first backyard BBQ of the year. Or a gift for your girlfriend as an alternative to taking her to Hawaii.

The inflatable pools are 66" in diameter - another indication they're for adult-sized feet and butts - and come with a variety of different screen prints covering their extra-thick PVC surfaces. In addition to water, FUNBOY says you can also fill their Luxury Inflatable Kiddie Pools with balls! Presumably they mean the colorful plastic kind found in ball pits, but who knows? Given the adult nature of these pools, maybe they mean those connected to you, your friend Cornelius, your friend Victor, and your friend Maurice.

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