Orbit Flex Cobra Portable Mist Stand

Posted: May 31, 2022
Orbit Flex Cobra Portable Mist Stand
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Now this is the kind of coiled, hissing, spitting cobra I like. The kind that coils attentively near my sweating brow, and hisses and spits a cool and continuous mist of water my way. Orbit's Flex Cobra Portable Mist Stand is ready for the summer heatwave. Just screw it into a garden hose, and bend its head in your direction to enjoy a sweet spray of refreshment - on that can cool the area around it by up to 20 degrees F.

The Flex Cobra Portable Mist Stand measures 17" long, and is made of a pliable, freestanding material that you can shape and shift to suit your location. Misters come with 3 brass and stainless steel misting nozzles, as well as an interchangeable flower-shaped misting head.

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