Zero Gravity Patio Lounger

Posted: June 17, 2013
Zero Gravity Patio Lounger
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Is there anything more relaxing and enjoyable than lying in the sun on a warm summer day with a gentle breeze caressing your skin and maybe some gentle lips caressing your skin and also an unlimited supply of fine brews traveling from your mama's fridge to the patio via remote control cooler? Yes there is. But only one thing. And it's all of the above things plus this thing: the Luis Orbital Zero Gravity Lounger.

Infused with European design sensibilities and American lazing-around-doing-nothing-but-getting-fatter sensibilities, the Zero Gravity patio recliner slides woven PVC fabric over an orbital duo of powder-coated steel bases for a backyard or poolside experience comparable only to lolling on a cloud or maybe floating in a saltwater sensory deprivation tank, which I started doing because Joe Rogan recommended it, and it is fucking brilliant.

The Luis Orbital Zero Gravity Lounger weighs about 25 pounds itself, and is rated to support asses weighing up to 275 pounds. It folds to only 8" wide for transport and storage during sucky winter months.

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