Yardroid Smart Landscaping Tank

Posted: May 15, 2021

Designing the Yardroid to look like a mini tank is pretty much all they needed to do to make me want this smart landscaping robot. But Yardroid takes the whole robotic lawn mower concept, like, 8 steps further with both a bitchin' design, and a set of fully autonomous functions that span from cutting your grass to saving your ass.

Yardroid is indeed an automatic lawn mower, but one powered by computer vision and AI, so you won't need to set up perimeter wires to guide it. The landscaping tank is also methodical in its actions, strategizing and preplanning the route it will take to cut your grass to keep mowing time down. And also to create nifty decorative lines and patterns in your lawn.

Like any good tank, Yardroid is equipped with a gun. A water gun. Mounted inside a stabilized gimbal and traversing turret, the gun can shoot from straight up to almost straight down, and at all angles in between. Yardroid's robotic irrigation, also controlled by its computer vision and AI, as well as an onboard camera and LED gun light, can totally replace underground drip lines and sprinkler systems. The Yardroid water gun operates with adjustable water pressure for hitting "targets" of different types and distances, and when the robo-landscaper runs out of ammo, it can refill its reservoir all by itself with the Yardroid automated companion spigot valve.

Yardroid also has weed and pest killer reservoirs. These are filled manually, but hold 1 quart and 1 liter respectively (or vice versa) so typically last for a good chunk of time. When you put Yardroid on the weed killing warpath, it scouts and recognizes unwanted plants and sprays them with a minimal amount of the substance, and has built-in safety precautions to prevent it from accidentally spraying a human, or your mama's neighbor's fat cat, Willard.

Same goes for Yardroid's pest control detection and dousing capabilities; it can spot and classify animals as insects, arachnids, birds, or mammals, and spray accordingly. Though if you want to keep the rabbits and racoons, or said fat cat Willard out of your garden, Yardroid can scare them away with its formidable presence, its LED gun light, or a strong pelt from its water gun.

And speaking of strong pelts from its water gun, Yardroid serves as a little home security tank for ya too. Its camera and LED gun light are always on alert, and it will ping you if it sees an intruder, along with recording and saving the footage. An onboard Yardroid speaker can also shout at intruders (and the kids next door!) to get off its lawn and, if it comes to this, your brave and loyal landscaping tank will shoot them with its water gun.

What a tank! What a bro! What a garden tool!

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, Yardroid is also a leaf blower, a fertilizing machine, and a rake.

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