Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

Posted: April 22, 2017
$699 - $2,499
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Robomow. Just another example of robots taking human jobs. Husbands and sons of the world, I hear your protests. I feel your outrage. I...wait. Actually, I don't hear or feel anything from the husbands and sons of the world but a sigh of relief that they don't have to get off the lounger or turn off the Atari Flashback to mow the lawn anymore.

Though one of several lines of robotic lawn mowers out there, Robomow feels its automatic grass muncher is better than all the other AGMs for these reasons:

  • Heavy-duty steel blades that don't get strangled by tough weeds, complemented by a robust overall design.
  • Wider cutting widths that Robomow your lawn faster.
  • An Edging mode that makes it the only robotic mower that cuts beyond its wheel.
  • Full manual control via a free app
  • Remote diagnostics and direct support.

Robomow installs on a base station that it self-returns to for charging in between mows. To set up the mower, you'll need to lay out a perimeter wire so it can detect lawn boundaries. The wire lays flush at ground level, and the company says it will get covered by grass and become invisible within a few weeks. Since Robomow is constantly on cutting alert, its clippings will be tiny and get buried into the roots of your lawn for decomposing and fertilizing the remaining grass.

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