UKIAH Tailgater Fire Pit Sound System

Posted: September 22, 2020
UKIAH Tailgater Music Fire Pit Table
$359 - $619
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Pumpin' heat and beats. The UKIAH Tailgater series Music Fire Pits lights up your sound system and brings the tunes to your dancing flames with a self-contained, portable propane fire that ignites atop a rugged, battery-powered stereo.

Tailgaters are designed, yep, for tailgating, but also for any outdoor activity that calls for music and fire. At around 30 pounds it transports easily, and comes with everything you need to light up your gathering, except the propane tank. The front panel has controls for music volume and flame height.

Tailgater Music Fire Pits come in 2 models, the Tailgater II an "elite edition" with an upgraded audio system and Beat Fire to Music option that syncs your flame movement to your jams. While the Tailgater II is a few hundos more than the Tailgater I fire pit sound system, both cost considerably less than the design-heavy Trackside sound-reactive fire pit, made from repurposed railroad parts. The latter, however, is a much prettier fire pit to look at, flames on or flames off.

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