Trackside Sound Reactive Fire Pit

Posted: June 13, 2020
Trackside Sound Reactive Fire Pit
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This new track is on fire! It's not from Beyonce or Travis Scott either. Or Bruce Springsteen. Dad. It isn't even the song kind of track - though it can definitely rock out with the best of them. Dad. This track comes straight from the Rail Yard, with a little Music City mixed in, to make it the Trackside Fire Pit, a sound-reactive pyro's dream built in collaboration between Rail Yard Studios and Music City Fire Company.

The Tennessee brands have poured their respective vibes into the Trackside Fire Pit. The multi-talented Rail Yard Studios renovates railroads, and reclaims sections of them to repurpose into furniture; they're responsible for the Trackside's railroad steel and tie design. Music City Fire Company specializes in "the evolving sound of fire" in their lines of sound reactive flame systems, and has engineered the Trackside to dance along with whatever jams you pump from the pit's Harmon / Kardon all-weather speakers.

The Trackside Fire Pit is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can pair it with an iPhone or Android device, or plug in directly to get the hot-hot-hot dance party going in real time. If you're musically inclined, or have the cash to bring in Springsteen, you can even run live music through the line.

Trackside Fire Pit mechanics allow it to run on propane or natural gas, and function indoors or out.

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