Scotch Brains Hot Pepper Seeds

Posted: May 11, 2019
Scotch Brains Hot Pepper Seeds
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Who wants to eat braaaiiinnns? What if they're extra spicy, hot sauce challenge-worthy braaaiiinnns? Anyone? Anyone? Zombies? Sean Evans?

Scotch Brain chili peppers are a hybrid of Scotch Bonnet and Yellow Brainstrain peppers. Here California Seed and Garden Company is selling their hot peppers as seeds in packs of 10+.

They describe the Scotch Brains chili flavor as "citrus fruity," with a smooth, ascending heat that's hotter than a Scotch Bonnet, more like a Yellow Superhot pepper. Obviously the best part of the pepper, though, is the bumpy skin that makes it look like it's melting on a hot summer day. They compare the visuals to brains, but I think it looks more like a tumor. Of course, as unappealing as eating a Scotch Brains chili pepper sounds, I guess eating a Scotch Tumor chili pepper sounds even worse.

Especially if you're Mr. Kimble.

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