Plow & Hearth Roll-Out Hardwood Pathway

Posted: June 18, 2020
Plow & Hearth Roll-Out Hardwood Pathway
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Dude. What I would give for my mama to have seen Plow & Hearth's Roll-Out Hardwood Pathway last spring before she saw these godforsaken DIY (read: guilt-your-son-into-doing-for-you) walkway path molds. That is, like, 170 hours of my life I would have back.

While also DIY, the weather-resistant backyard walking path adds a key component to the installation process that will protect you from possibly having a meltdown and destroying the walkway / your remaining sanity in the process: it rolls out. Right out to its full, 8' long glory. And all you have to do after you roll it out is...nothing! It's done! Whistle a happy tune and take a stroll down the cedar slats of your brand new backyard pathway.

Oh, unless you didn't lay it down in quite the right spot, in which case, uh-oh. Better run quick and get the sledgehammer and/or shovel roll it on back up and try again.

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