Concrete Walking Path Molds

Posted: May 31, 2019
Concrete Walking Path Molds
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Now here's a concrete example of why I don't like my mama looking at the internet. She found these walking path molds - correction, DIY walking path molds - and now she just has to have a "precious, stony-looking" walking path in her front yard. (Note: she had a perfectly fine walking path in the yard, leading to the front door, but as their final act before moving out, the neighbors my mama was warring with took a sledgehammer to it, and now she wants to tear the whole thing out and start again.)

Anyway, I reviewed with her that these concrete molds are DIY, which means after you buy them, you have to buy and mix the concrete, and then pour it in and let it set about 15 different times. You don't set the mold down on some dirt and watch a quaint pathway magically appear.

Once she understood that - with an eyeroll and a smack in my direction - I thought perhaps she also needed a refresher on the DIY acronym. "DIY means 'Do-it-yourself,' Mama. Not, 'Find a picture you like on Amazon next to a patterned piece of polypropylene they say made it, order it, hand it to your son, and then tell him you want the 20 feet leading from the sidewalk to your front door to look like the picture.'"

Like I said, a concrete example of why I don't like my mama looking at the internet.

The patterned pathway molds come in 4 different styles and sizes. Once your concrete is poured and hardened enough to remove the mold, clean it with water before the remnants solidify and you can reuse it over and over. Enough times to make bucolic concrete walking paths for the whole block!

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