Outdoor Patio Arch Swing

Posted: April 28, 2014
Outdoor Patio Arch Swing
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As we all know, my mama occasionally gets mad at me for being...what does she call it? A complete shithead, maybe?...at which times I have to move out of her house and go live in her back yard. This is of course very annoying because it means I must furnish and decorate the equivalent of 2 bedrooms. However, I might be slightly less annoyed if I could stock my backyard bedroom with one of these sweet outdoor arch swings. Boy does that look like the chocolate malted bacon sundae of patio furniture. If I had one, I'd throw a sheet of mosquito netting over the top and spend my entire summer rocking in the breeze.

The swing has a sturdy wood base covered in a canvas hammock as big as a double bed. Its arched overhead structure also has a canvas canopy to shield me from the sun and the leering eyes of the cougar neighbor lady who keeps offering to give me tango lessons and telling me to ask her what kind of tango she means. I don't want to know what kind of tango she means. I also don't want her to know the arch swing has a 2- to 3-person capacity.

Not into, or don't have the budget for, horizontal swinging? Stay upright and save a few bucks with the Vivere Dream Chair.

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