Infinity Hammock

Posted: July 17, 2013
Infinity Hammock

If you're into swinging and threesomes, the Infinity Hammock...will do nothing to help your cause. Unless you're into the kind of swinging threesomes wherein each party has his or her own personal space amidst a cocoon of relaxing quilt or woven mesh, and the skin-to-skin contact rating is 0*. However, if your passions are swinging and BUMPER CARS, this 3-ring twist on the standard suspended lounger design might appeal to you.

The Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear trio rocks from a stainless steel frame and includes a teak table in the center for holding non-hammock-friendly items. The structure measures 8-1/2' high and 10' in diameter. Quilted hammocks are intended for drier climates and should not sit out at night or when it rains. Woven models can sustain wetness of both weather and human bodies.

*On second thought, the individual pods of the Infinity Hammock look fairly roomy. So while it may not accommodate a threesome, I'd bet one bottle of Sure F**k Cologne that it can accommodate three twosomes.

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