EZ Leaf Hauler Cleanup Tarp for Lawns & Gardens

Posted: August 11, 2021
EZ Leaf Hauler Cleanup Tarp for Lawns & Gardens
$34.86 - $36.09
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I don't know if using the EZ Leaf Hauler is as easy as shortening the word "easy" to "EZ" in the lawn and garden tool's name was, but with stakes to hold it in place, and 6 built-in handles for carrying and maneuvering, the reusable cleanup tarp is at least as good for leaf corralling and disposal as an empty patch of grass and my 2 hands.

Large and formidable as my 2 hands may be.

The EZ Leaf Hauler has structuring added to its bright orange tarp base to create a pen around 3 sides of your leaf pile. It's made to hold up to 5 times more leaves and debris than a wheelbarrow or collection bag, and, unlike your gas leaf blower, won't wake up the neighbors on Sunday morning or pollute the air with any discharge.

Though if disturbing the neighbors is crucial to your yardwork agenda, might I recommend the Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun instead. Tell them your following would of the tips in Outwitting Squirrels.

The EZ Leaf Hauler design pops open to use, and collapses flat for storage.

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