Bat House

Posted: November 08, 2017
Bat House
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Whether your problem is bats in the attic or mosquitos in the yard, SparkleBerry Industries says their Bat House is your best bat. Uh, bet.

Hand the cedar Bat House away from your own, and it will encourage bats to nest there rather than in your roof rafters. The shelter is intended as a long term nesting / roosting sanctuary, designed with grooved walls for easy claw clinging, and space for up to 12 bats.

Once your Bat House is populated - SparkleBerry recommends using bat attractant spray to make it more appealing - the residents can help reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard by nomnomnom eating them. (Note though that if Bat Housin' it is your sole method of bug control, you'll probably still wake up itching at night.)

The Bat House is made to withstand severe weather and comes with a mounting bracket for installation on a tree or other location 8' to 12' off the ground.

The unfinished wood of the Bat House is also receptive to pyrography pens, so if you want to personalize yours, Bruce Wayne, go for it.

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