Creative Versa-Tool Burn Pen for Pyrography

Posted: March 21, 2017
Creative Versa-Tool Wood-Burning Pen
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Pyrography. It's when you're not obsessed with setting things on fire, you're just burning them for the sake of art. And this Creative Versa-Tool is the burn pen maker Walnut Hollow would like you to use to do it.

The electric heat pen has a manual temperature control dial and range of 0 to 950 degrees F, adjustable according to the surface you want to burn. I am surprised to read there are many, many arts & crafts nights' worth of surfaces you can burn, plus 11 different Versa-Tool points you can interchange to execute the singe work. The pen decorates wood, obviously, but also leather, soft plastic, synthetic fabrics, wax, cork, hard plastic, natural fabrics, paper, stencil material, ceramics, and plastic foam. Some techniques you'll use tips ranging from Flow to Hot Knife, Calligraphy to Stamping to churn out homemade gifts for your mama include hot knife cutting, image transferring, leather crafting, soldering, and encaustic art (that's painting with hot wax! Sexy!)

The Creative Versa-Tool comes with all 11 points, plus a support stand and some solder.

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