Archipod Office Dome

Posted: October 29, 2017
Archipod Office Dome

The Archipod: It's not bigger on the inside, but it should be plenty big enough to get your creative and productive juices flowing as a backyard work dome. Plus, it looks pretty damn cool. If you're craving your own sphere of space cordoned off from co-workers and your gaggle of kids, or just want to own the biggest and best lawn ornament in the neighborhood, the Archipod is a freestanding, custom built, fully loaded garden office that will help you get your focus on from home. Top that, life-size Bigfoot statue!

The standard Archipod measures 9'6" in diameter internally at its widest point, and extends 8'3" to the top of the dome. A larger version, aptly named The Bigger Pod, has a 12'6" diameter and stands 8'5" tall.

All Archipods are built to buyer specifications, so think hard: what kind of big domed room in the backyard is going to get you pumped to go to work? To work hard? To make enough money to pay for the big domed room in the backyard?

A typical Archipod office is built as a curved plywood structural box with encapsulated fiberglass insulation and a plasterboard interior finish over foil insulation and a vapor barrier. All plastering and interior decorating are done post-installation, so your zen sphere won't show any jointing strips. Exterior siding shown in most of the gallery photos is western red cedar shingles, and the porthole skylight is a 3'4"-diameter dome designed to maximize natural light and ventilation.

Inside the Archipod you'll get an ergonomic semicircular desk, with drawers, shelves, and seating available by request. The work space is set up for full workstation integration, including power outlets, data outlets, and a complete lighting system of both dimmable spotlights and concealed background mood lighting.

If you don't have the space for an Archipod at home, but you really dig the idea of working in a sphere, check out the Emperor 1510 workstation.

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