Wobble Wedge Interlocking Shim Kit

Posted: February 19, 2023
Wobble Wedge Interlocking Shim Kit
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Weebles wobble, but they won't fall down. The same is basically true for furniture. But not necessarily the stuff sitting on top of it. More importantly, while wobbling Weebles are cute and fun and awesome ways to keep your kiddos engaged for hours (10 minutes?) wobbling furniture is miserable. Whether it's a dining table, a couch, or a side chair, that little duh-dunk of it wobbling back and forth is enough to send drinks sloshing, food flying, and a chill person to the bottle of Xanax.

And don't even get me started on my friend Cornelius' media stand, set up on a floor that slopes at a 30-degree angle. I'm like, Dude! Every time I play Mario Kart at your house I leave with a massive crick in my neck - why don't you shim that shit?

Or better, Wobble Wedge it.

Wobble Wedges are multipurpose, interlocking shims that come in 3 sizes, 2 colors, and both flexible and rigid materials. Listed here is the Wobble Wedge Shim Kit, a complete set of 34 wedges to shimmy up in your life, and solve your crooked and unstable furniture problems. The risers have a non-slip surface on both sides, and can be used solo or stacked together in any combination using their interlocking ridges. Wobble Wedge says they will not shrink or swell with temperature changes, and so in addition to leveling, can be used to "tilt, lift, tighten, align, separate, secure, straighten, clamp or support."

Flexible Wobbled Wedges are best suited for leveling furniture without damaging wood and ceramic floors, while the rigid shims have increased heft and durability, designed specifically for heavier weight loads, up to 2,000 pounds.

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