The Smart Funnel

Posted: April 22, 2022
The Smart Funnel
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Drip it, pour it, or store it with The Smart Funnel, a multi-functional bottle tool from Cumberland Concepts. For household cleaning and beauty products, condiments and booze, vehicle fluids, or any other liquids you need a better way to manage than the ol' flip-and-squeeze method, the Smart Funnel can help you:

Drip It. Transfer slow-moving fluids from one container to another, such as a near-empty bottle into a full one, or a plastic bottle of soap into the Orgasmic Man soap dispenser that sits on your bathroom vanity. Here, the Smart Funnel inserts into the neck of the receiving container, and the pouring container inverts and attaches to the funnel's top clip for a secure exchange.

Pour It. Pour straight into a bottle via the funnel alone by inserting the Smart Funnel into a bottle, and swinging the top clip out of the way.

Store It. If you want to store a bottle upside down without leakage, so its remaining contents won't take nine years to appear the next time you need them, attach the Smart Funnel to the open container, keeping its clip closed, and return the bottle to the shelf. The Smart Funnel takes the place of the bottle's original cap or pump, with the clip swinging open and closed for access.

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