KneeBlades - Rolling Knee Pads

Posted: December 15, 2020
KneeBlades - Rolling Knee Pads
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KneeBlades are rolling knee pads for home repairs and maintenance. DIY upgrades and rehabs. The domestic sports many of us play every day. Or at least a couple times a month when our mamas call us with a new busted something, or some must-have improvement she just saw on HGTV or the internet. The domestic sports that, more often than not, require us to fall to our knees.

And stay there for hours.

And crawl around on them with nothing but a hard ass concrete or wood surface underneath, like some sort of child learning to ambulate, or, like, a BDSM slave.

Even if you're not an old rickety 40-year-old man like myself, spending more than 10 minutes on your knees to fix or modify or beautify something is awkward, painful, and generally kinda sucks. KneeBlades endeavor to ease, perhaps even eliminate the suckage, with their pressure-reducing gel pads and 3-wheeled mobile bases.

KneeBlades gel pads are tapered for contoured contact and to evenly displace body weight so it's not all dumping into your joints. The pads' single strap secures around your knees with a hook-and-loop closure. KneeBlades casters each have an 80-pound weight-bearing capacity and 360-degree turning capability without lifting from the floor. A quick release button also allows for detaching the knee pads from the rollers if your job doesn't require wheels.

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