JHO Knives SLUG Pry Bar

Posted: October 30, 2019
JHO Knives SLUG Pry Bar
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The SLUG pry bar is one of JHO Knives' latest. It joins this 3-year-old metal art shop's small collection of blades and EDC items that stand out even amongst the seemingly infinite tool and carry options available today. JHO Knives creations don't endeavor to hit you over the head with flashy designs - well, except for the F**H Spiked Club, which will also literally hit you over the head if you disagree - but manage to blend style and substance into elegant pieces I think anyone would be stoked to own.

The SLUG pry bar is made of grade 5 titanium that JHO has beadblast stonewashed for a textured matte finish. At 30mm x 70mm and 4mm thick, the tool is small enough to fit in a wallet, and with a 1" diameter center hole, large enough to slip over a finger to use in prying, scraping, and box opening adventures.

As with other JHO Knives duster-style tools, the SLUG is also smithed to provide a secure grip if you need to use it in self-defense.

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