JHO Knives

Posted: August 10, 2016
JHO Knives
$90 - $180
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Simple and clean look sharp. Meticulous design and robust metals make sharp. JHO blades are nothing if not sharp.

JHO is currently producing 2 different functional EDC knives that, despite their distinct and eye-catching aesthetics, the company says are "meant to be used and abused." Their LYNX is a credit card-style CPM S35VN blade that slips into your wallet. JHO notes that its porous end has been engineered to provide a near-infallible grip. In tests, they poured oil onto the blade and held the LYNX with one hand, and were still able to slice through the corner of a 1" book.

The LYNX has a chisel grind and straight edge suitable for shaving, slicing, and chopping. It comes with a sheath made of bituminised tear-proof and water-resistant paper. Measurements are 88mm long x 50mm wide x 2mm thick.

The Nug, pictured above, is JHO's answer to micro knives that have got no skills beyond being micro. They built The Nug with a no-slip finger hole for leveraging its G5 Titanium handle and applying its S35VN steel blade to tasks ranging from cutting through boxes and ropes to self defense. Nugs come in a few different finishes and measure 56mm x 31mm x 12mm. Blades are 18mm long x 3mm thick.

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