The Emergency Escape Filter

Posted: March 05, 2018
The Emergency Escape Filter

Hyun Yeol Shin's Emergency Escape Filter is a pill that can save your life without ever swallowing it. It functions as a fire escape mask, but without the full-face mask apparatus that can be difficult and time consuming to put on in the midst of a house fire, or other fire-related emergency.

The Emergency Escape Filter slides open and clips onto your nose at both nostrils. Inside the capsule are a filter and layers of charcoal to remove the carbon dioxide and purify the air you're breathing as you navigate through the smoke of a fire. Shin notes that 80% of fire-related deaths are the result of smoke inhalation, not burning or heat. And while fire masks and hoods are readily available and effective, they aren't always practical, both in terms of putting on quickly, and having on hand when an emergency happens.

In addition to its slide-and-clip usability, the pill filter has a small profile and a pen clip on its side you can store it in plain sight - even on your person if you want - without taking up too much space.

At printing Shin's Emergency Escape Filter was a design concept, and not in production. However, My Safety IQ has a Saver breathing system that's also pretty compact and performs a similarly useful function in the event of an office or house fire.

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