Saver Fire Safety Breathing System

Posted: December 03, 2016
Saver Fire Safety Breathing System
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I'm not showing you Safety iQ's Saver system to be an alarmist, but with all the chestnut-roasting on an open fire going on this time of year, it can't hurt to be prepared for the off chance one of them gets loose and ignites the Christmas tree. Figuratively speaking. It could just be someone forgets to blow out a candle after dinner one night. Each Saver Emergency Breath System is a portable, one-person unit that stands ready to provide clean air through the smoke of a building fire.

Saver filters chemical substances and removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases from fire smoke for up to 5 minutes, so its wearer can breathe safely for (hopefully) long enough to get out of the building. Opening the cylinder and activating airflow through its mouthpiece should take 5 seconds or less.

Saver's primary filter material is Hopcalite, a carbon monoxide absorbent that turns the toxic gas into carbon monoxide so you can breathe without harm while moving through it. The filter system also includes a pre-filter for smoke and dust and a third processing filter that removes secondhand smoke and other materials. Safety iQ confines the Saver breather to your mouth to maintain compactness and ease of access and activation in an emergency, but does include a nose grip with the package to block gases from infiltrating through the nostrils.

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