Tactical Walls Inserts & Concealment Covers

Posted: August 28, 2014
Tactical Walls Inserts & Concealment Covers
$120 - $490
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Although the word "tactical" has become as overused as the word "awesome", Tactical Walls reminds us there are still times when it can be applied meaningfully and justifiably. And also awesomely. Tactical Walls are inserts and concealment covers designed to inconspicuously store valuables and home protection equipment in the open and at hand.

As inserts, the cases are generally suitable for installation between the studs of 16' on center, standard 2 x 4 walls. However, Tactical Walls points out that the MacGyvers and Bob Vilas of you out there could probably make them work on other types of wall too. Inserts are made of ABS plastic for lightness and durability, and can be covered unnoticeably by any piece of art or wall-mounted home decor larger than they are.

Tactical Walls' concealment covers, made to hang on any wall, come in various sizes of shelf, mirror, and artwork fronts. Most designs include medium-density polyurethane foam inserts that are modifiable based on whether you're storing Grandpa's antique gold pocket watch (Captain Coons-approved as the second best place to keep it) or a Glock 19. Once the shelf/mirror/frame is hung, cut whatever shapes you want out of the foam, peel off its self-adhesive backing, and install it to the inside of the cover. The foam will keep items secure and prevent rattling.

Concealment designs also come with magnetic locking mechanisms and keys made of super strong neodymium magnets to maintain their guise (i.e., no visible lock). Unlocking requires just a simple slide of the magnetic key over the surface of the cover's frame to click it open. The company notes that average refrigerator or craft magnets will not have the pull force required to activate the latches.

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