FakeTV Burglar Deterrent

Posted: August 03, 2014
FakeTV Burglar Deterrent

Home automation, cameras that let you play with your dog while you're at work, smartphone-controlled burglar alarms...I just want something simple. Something Kevin McCallister would have put to good use in Home Alone. A FakeTV to trick the bad guys into thinking I haven't left for trivia night at The Dungeon of the Dragon at all. Nope. Just chillin' on the couch in the living room, catching up on the fine programming of Friday night Spike TV.

While FakeTV isn't new, it's not like it's Atari old or answering machine old either. But since the burglar deterrent came out over 5 years ago, as tends to happen anymore, its technology and capabilities as a DIY home security system have already been lapped about dozen times. Still, if you're looking for something quick, easy, and inexpensive, something that requires no setup, no Bluetooth pairing, and no accompanying app, FakeTV's recreation of the light emitted by a 27" LCD HDTV could do the trick. According to its makers, anyone who sees the device in action from outside perceives its simulated scene changes, fades, swells, and on-screen motion as real episodes of CSI.

In addition, even if the gadget-hungry youth through 40-somethings of today balk at this rudimentary solution to home security, FakeTV would probably make a mighty good gift for a mama, a pop, or a general luddite who doesn't own anything more hi-tech than a Fuzzbuster II.

Note: Obviously, FakeTV is a dissuader that depends entirely on the ability to mess with a burglar's psyche. Why break in to a house where someone might be home when the one next door is completely black? So if the thief isn't fooled, or doesn't care, you're still SOL.

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