The Fuzzbuster II

Posted: April 01, 2014
The Fuzzbuster II

I know most of you have heard of a radar detector*. Possibly you've used one before. Maybe you've even tried the original Fuzzbuster. But whether or not you're aware of how life (and wallet and license points) saving the devices can be, Electrolert says the only radar detector you need ever concern yourself with again is their latest and greatest: the Fuzzbuster II.

The Fuzzbuster II is the most advanced radar detector ever made. It provides warning over a range of up to 3 miles, and across all radar platforms. This includes X-band, K-band, Y-band, and the ultra-sophisticated KR-11. There are also rumors it can detect primordial black holes, the Bat-Signal, and the Force.

Compact and svelte at just under the size of the average male's arm from fingertips to elbow, the Fuzzbuster II mounts easily to any car dash, and powers through its cigarette lighter. (So don't forget the Zippo on your drive from Cincy to see the Reds play the Sox in Game 7.) No antenna, no special wiring, and no license for use is required.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who drives a car (ahem, Mama), how about one that could save him hundreds of dollars and the tedium of explaining to State Patrol that he was only going 90 in a 60 because he ate a dozen White Castle sliders on a dare 45 minutes ago and is now feeling an inverted Old Faithful on the cusp of blowing out of his ass?

*For those who are seeing this cutting-edge marvel of modern technology for the first time, the radar detector was designed by Dale Smith to alert drivers that a cop is nearby and out for speedometer blood. Law enforcement officials use doppler radar to beam radio waves at, and in turn measure the speed of, moving vehicles. Smith's invention counteracts these efforts with a superheterodyne receiver, which can detect the electromagnetic emissions from the cop's radar gun. When an emission reaches the receiver it sounds an alarm and a speeding driver learns s/he is at risk of getting caught in time to slow down. Genius, right? And I thought Teslas were the greatest thing to happen to the automotive industry this century.

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