UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm

Posted: July 15, 2017
UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm
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The UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm is for all you city-dwelling birds who want to practice sustainability, but don't have the outdoor space for the Most Beautiful Composter in the World. Or maybe you'd just like to have a different kind of grub in your kitchen.

A 2017 Red Dot Design Award Winner, the UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm is a 4-legged bin that eats up - or, rather, contains the red worms or red wigglers you put inside it, so they can eat up your household bio waste. You know, the scraps your dog and bottomless-pit-bellied teenagers don't eat. Once the worms process your leftovers, you can scoop it out for use as a natural and nutritionally-dense fertilizer for your yard, balcony plants, or P-patch plat.

The UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm was created by Czech designer Jiri Pelcl. It measures 20.1" x 15" x 24", and comes in green and gray. You'll need to purchase your own worms separately, but don't worry, you can add those to the same order here. Guaranteed to arrive alive and mite-free!

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