MONITREE - Living Computer Monitor Vines

Posted: April 07, 2022
MONITREE - Living Computer Monitor Vines
$49 - $59
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MONITREE isn't really a money tree, but if you're of the mind that plants make your life richer, these living computer monitor vines should indeed increase your emotional net worth.

Created with the idea that "taking intermittent breaks from the screen to look at foliage not only helps with your eye sight, but resets your mind," PLTRIS developed MONITREE as a space-saving, low-maintenance, high-reward way to bring beauty and calm to your desktop. The vine installation follows the perimeter of your computer monitor, so you don't have to give up square footage on your desk to make room for a planter.

MONITREE soil and vines are also contained in transparent plastic tubes to protect your monitor and prevent a mess of dirt and discharged leaves. To water the MONITREE - it will need it around once a week - you'll use the 8ml syringe PLTRIS includes, injecting water directly into the soil through one of the "breathing holes" in the tubes, the latter of which also allow the vines access to airflow.

Even if your computer setup doesn't get much light, your MONITREE will, thanks to a full spectrum LED grow light that comes with the vine installation. If you're interested in cultivating your own monitor MONITREE, check out the greenery's Kickstarter campaign through April 16, 2022.

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