Glass Symphony Hand-Blown Glass Spiders

Posted: March 17, 2021
Glass Symphony Glass-Blown Spiders
$12.74 - $194.04
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My Spidey Sense tells me Glass Symphony's hand-blown glass spiders are even more of a sight - or a fright - to behold in person than they are in these photos. And the photos alone are doing a pretty good job of simultaneously dazzling me and making my skin crawl. Especially that black widow. Shiver. Reminds me of my black-hearted ex-girlfriend Karen.

Who, by the way, was my ex-girlfriend Karen around here long before Karens became a thing, so I have to assume her reputation spread and she became the prototype.

A beautiful and elegant gift for arachnid enthusiasts, and a beautiful and elegant prank for those like my friend Esteban who are deathly afraid of spiders whether they're real or fake, the hand-blown glass spider figurines come in dozens of different colors and types. Joining the black widow are the more genteel daddy long legs, plus a handful of 8-leggers Glass Symphony doesn't identify - can you?

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