DUZ Hands Free Pet Dryer

Posted: July 11, 2020
DUZ Hands Free Pet Dryer
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The DUZ Hands Free Pet Dryer is here to make your floofy floof floofier without forcing you to choose between holding your pet grooming tools or holding your dog (or cat - ha!) back from high-tailing it the F away from the DUZ Hands Free Pet Dryer.

Pets probably won't find the dryer as much of an affront to their being as, say, this grooming tool attachment for vacuum cleaners, but if your pooch (or cat - ha!) is already anti-bath, I don't think even a clever Korean-designed, sound-dampened fur dryer is going to bring them around. Still, at just 26" tall x 7" wide, with a 360-degree adjustable drying tube, it could make the water extraction process quicker and easier for you both.

The DUZ Hands Free Pet Dryer is lightweight for maneuverability, and comes with both a freestanding base and a wall mount attachment. Its touch-button controls include both 3 fan speeds and 4 heat outputs, the latter ranging from no heat to 170 degrees F.

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