Clearview Window Bird Feeder

Posted: May 08, 2021
BestNest Clearview Window Bird Feeder
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This Clearview Window Bird Feeder is pretty neat, especially if you've just entered middle age (indicated by your spontaneous need to identify and monitor all birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other fauna that inhabit your yard.) But is it really going to work, installing a wild bird feeder that protrudes into your house between the ledge and glass of your single- or double-hung window?

I mean, sure, aside from crows and maybe some tropical bird breeds, I think most of us can agree birds aren't Mother Nature's most intelligent creatures. After all, we came up with the term "bird brain," and the book The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America. Nonetheless, it seems like instinct, plus human scents and presence, would keep even the dumbest of the dumb feathered friends away from this bird feeder, especially since all of its panels are clear. No one-way mirror preventing the bird from seeing you staring back at it from your living room. Not to mention all the stuffed Tweeties you keep in there....

Probably what would happen if you installed a Clearview Window Bird Feeder is what happens when you install any bird feeder: it would become a Clearview Window Squirrel Feeder.

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