One-Way-Mirror Birdfeeder

Posted: April 20, 2013
One-Way-Mirror Birdfeeder
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Can you imagine the anxiety, frustration, and ultimate sheer madness a one-way-mirror birdfeeder is going to cause in cats? As a passionate cat hater, I'm buying six. You think it's funny when you jump on my lap, nudging and rubbing all over me, and then the second I pet you, you claw, bite, and make a run for it? Well I think it's funny to put a bird that you can see but that can't see you between a thin piece of glass and your face so you can go to town biting and clawing to no avail, and then hopefully leaping head-first into the window.

Mirror-film on the back wall of these clever birdfeeders shields from birdies' view anything that would otherwise make them squawk and flit away like maniacs were they to notice it watching them from inches away. All they see now is their reflection and a world full of millet and sunflower nuts and peace.

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