Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Posted: September 13, 2013
Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Shine and its 24K Gold rolling papers add a new action to the ever-growing list of Things You Can Do with Gold. Currently populated by: 1) Eat it; 2) Shit it; and 3) Buy expensive things with it. Stoners and recreational tokers alike will rejoice to lay their lungs upon number 4) Smoke it.

In what looks to be a groundbreaking collaboration between 50 Cent and Leisure Suit Larry, 24K Gold rolling papers aim to lavish even more luxury and class onto the process of getting high, polishing off a 16" Meat Lovers deep dish solo, and taking a 90-minute snooze on the floor with my buddy's Australian cattle dog at 3 in the afternoon. Shine puts in best when they say, "24K Gold creates the ultimate party atmosphere."

Gold rolling papers come in packs of 12, and require a fat wad of cash to purchase. In fact, using them is pretty much a literal interpretation of the idiomatic expression "burning through money." It probably wouldn't cost any more, or produce any less of an effect, just to roll a joint in a $5 bill.

Hey Abe Lincoln! How do you feel about MJ?

Shine 24K Gold rolling papers should be used in conjunction with legal smoking herbs only.

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