Cast Iron Dragon Wood Stove Steamer

Posted: July 12, 2021
Cast Iron Dragon Wood Stove Steamer
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When I saw this cast iron dragon wood stove steamer all I thought about was the stews and slow-cooked roasts and whole Yukon Gold and red potatoes that just happen to look like dragon eggs I was going to ask my mama to cook for me in it. Look at the ornate details of Drago's scales. His eyes. His teeth. What a presentation at the table! Talk about a product to help you host a better dinner party.

But as it turns out, I didn't actually know what the words "cast iron dragon wood stove steamer" meant. I just saw the sick dragon lid and the dish below, paired them with my knowledge of dutch ovens, and assumed this year's Thanksgiving turkey would be replaced with a cast iron dragon protecting some nice slow-roasted short ribs.

A better term for "cast iron dragon wood stove steamer" would be "cast iron dragon wood stove humidifier." Yes, this surly mythical beast is here to add moisture to your dry home and sinus passageways! And that's still cool! Especially given the steam Drago releases comes out of his mouth, lookin' all like the smoke before the fire.

But - and here's the bummer - the cast iron dragon wood stove steamer also has the words "wood stove" in it, which means you have to own a wood stove to make proper use of it. Sure, you could set the pot on a gas or electric cooktop and let it do its thing, but the point is to create slow and continuous humidity, and you probably don't want to leave a burner on all day every day the weather is dry.

For those whose homes or cabins have a wood-burning stove, or who need a housewarming gift for someone's whose does, the cast iron dragon wood stove steamer would obviously be the best purchase you've ever made. The pot holds 3 quarts of water, and should humidify interior air for hours per fill, including overnight.

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