Camp Chef Indoor/Outdoor Movie Screen

Posted: August 16, 2016
Camp Chef Indoor/Outdoor Movie Screen

One thing that makes escaping the city, unplugging, and vegging out amidst the beatific peace and quiet of nature is a pocket-sized projector. A few flicks from your favorite torrent site. Oooh, maybe some surround-sound speakers. And a 144" viewing screen.

Don't worry, it breaks down and slides into an included carry case for your hike back to the frenzied, technology-laden overstimulation of daily life.

Alright, maybe Camp Chef intends its Outdoor Big Screen more for the backyard than the backwoods. Something to fire up on those waning summer nights, perhaps alongside the Chef's patio-ready artisan pizza oven, before the soul-blackening chill of winter blankets the land.

The 12' Big Screen is also suitable for indoor use when you get to host football Sunday with the guys, and get stuck hosting the kid's slumber party with eleven 5th graders. It is made of an Oxford nylon reflective material that shows hi-res imagery and enriched colors. Set up the screen on its heavy-duty, freestanding frame and legs, or mount it flat on a wall.

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