Burrito Body Pillow

Posted: September 16, 2012
Burrito Body Pillow
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True comfort food is the kind you can spoon. When Taco Bell, taco trucks, and tacos rosados aren't quite enough, turn to the Burrito Body Pillow. Stuffed with beans, corn, onions, salsa, and soft, snuggly polyfill, it slips easily into bed on nights you just want to be covered in Mexican fast food on the inside and out. Alternatively, sub the plush burrito for your standard deluxe with carnitas and extra sour cream, and the heartwarming effects of south o' the border cuisine will more likely be a peaceful night's rest rather than a progression to a searing burn and gastrointestinal havoc in 30 minutes's time.

The supersized burrito pillow enjoys a makeup of all natural ingredients, such as fleece, acrylic felt, and merino wool. It tallies in a 38" long and 14" in diameter.

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