Balance Pipe

Posted: May 08, 2022
Balance Pipe
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We all need a little balance in our lives. Some of us find that balance in the contents of a pipe. And for those dudes and ladies, what better pipe to represent that which you seek but the Balance Pipe from Tetra?

A glass smoking pipe "to which design considerations have been meticulously applied," the Balance Pipe has a long, lithe stem serving as both its mouthpiece and its carb. The delicate bowl has a 1" base just large enough to support the stem's uneven weight distribution, and prevent the part of the pipe that touches your lips from also touching the surface of your friend Cornelius' coffee table, which you're pretty sure he's never washed or wiped down with anything but his hand.

The Balance Pipe thrives in the current movement towards modern, minimalist, sometimes even sexy smoking accessories, also populated by Session Goods, Heir, Vessel, and VITAE Glass. Tetra makes the Balance Pipe in translucent teal and pink, and matte black borosilicate glass.

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