Back to the Future Hoverboard Doormat

Posted: October 28, 2020
Back to the Future Hoverboard Doormat
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"Hey McFly, you bojo! Hoverboards don't work on water!" Haha, suck it, Data! This hoverboard was made for water. And snow. And dirt. And that hunk of dog shit stuck to your Nike Air Mags some Biff of a pet owner didn't pick up from the sidewalk. This hoverboard is a Back to the Future Hoverboard Doormat. Just in time for a muddy, leafy fall, and an icy, wet winter.

A standout holiday gift or housewarming gift for Back to the Future fanboys and girls, the Hoverboard Doormat is PVC on the bottom, with coarse coconut brush material doing the dirty work on top. The coconut fibers are painted in the busy, bright, and brash likeness of Back to the Future Part II's iconic gravity-defying transporter.

Yeah, huh. Look at those colors. That pattern. I know we were all bummed when hoverboards themselves never really came to fruition in BTTF's projected future of 2015, but I for one am glad the late 80s / 90s style the film's creators envisioned would still be in 15 years later didn't stick.

Great Scott, Hoverboard Doormat! What did I step in now....

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