Archer Macho-Scented Room Sprays

Posted: July 13, 2013
Archer Macho-Scented Room Sprays
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Archer's macho-scented room sprays have a lofty goal: putting a positive spin on the statement that a place smells like 5 guys living in a 2-bedroom apartment. Can they succeed? I don't know, but hauling out scents such as Distillery, Hunting Lodge, and European Sports Car isn't a bad place to start.

Archer's tagline is "air superiority". I'm not sure why they don't fully maximize the play on words by going with air of superiority, but, whatever. Maybe I'm missing something. I think the smell of sweat-laden gym shorts, 10-day-old raw chicken wrappings, and a little golden treat I just awarded the toilet is inhibiting my cognitive functions. The company contends that its trio of room sprays are "a welcome option within a product category that has only offered flowers, ladybugs, and honey-suckle dreamscapes." Its counter offers include:

  • Distillery. Wafting charred oak and sour mash, flooding olfactory canals with bourbon. Warm and inviting.
  • Hunting Lodge. Smacks of hearth stone, gun powder, and damp timber.
  • European Sports Car. Scent of 4 wheels doing 130 on the interstate with a techno soundtrack blaring at 150 bpm. In other words, worn leather, excessive horsepower, and a hint of aftershave.

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