11-Foot Teddy Bear

Posted: October 27, 2016
11-Foot Teddy Bear

If you plan to buy an 11-Foot Teddy Bear as a gift for your kid, or gift for your girlfriend this season, I hope you have an 11-Foot closet...or off-site storage facility to hide him in until the big day. Better lock the stuffed giant up too, because judging by the photo this Teddy is the Papa Bear sort who's going to try to bust out and hunt down kids and girlfriends to console and give advice to.

There, there, Kimiko, turn that frown upside down. This fella isn't worth your tears and heartache. And I hate to pull out the tough love card, but if he's giving you an 11' Teddy Bear instead of an engagement ring, he's not worth any more of your time either.

Hey! Screw you, Teddy! If I wanted a bear to trash me, I'd have gotten a Talking Ted!

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