Wild Dining Dinner Plates

Posted: October 13, 2021
Wild Dining Dinner Plates
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I mean, I don't see Ali Larter in a whipped cream bikini anywhere, so dining can't be that wild with Mustard's Wild Dining Dinner Plates. But I guess drawing a ketchup mustache on a silverback gorilla, and giving the King of the Jungle a carrot mohawk and salad greens goatee to complement his lion's mane could be considered low-key uninhibited.

Ah yes, and the Wild Dining Dinner Plates themselves are all decorated with wild animals wearing wild outfits*. Gary Gorilla and Larry Lion are joined by Patricia Panda, Gina Giraffe, Cool Dog, and Cool Cat on a series of 9" ceramic tableware that encourages un-stuffy eating, and even invites you to play with your food before devouring it. Get one of each to liven up your next dinner party.

And don't forget to enhance the plates' effect by playing "Welcome to the Jungle" as everyone sits down to the table.

*With the exception of Cool Dog and Cool Cat, which are, of course, domesticated animals wearing wild outfits on the Wild Dining Dinner Plates.

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